Flatbed/Step deck

Flatbed trucks can be articulated or rigid and they have no roof or side panels.  They allow simple and rapid loading of heavy equipment and are especially useful for shipping sites without a dock to offload on.  Different types of flatbeds may be used for different cargo, and we have every type at our disposal.  Whether you need a Step Deck, Flatbed, Long load, Wide load, or Oversized… we handle it all.

Dry Freight

Dry Freight shipments can be shipped by either a FTL (Full Truckload) or a LTL (Less Than Truckload) package.  By sharing the empty truck space with other distributors and freight companies, we guarantee that small loads will not be charged a full truckload price.

Heavy Haul Trucking

The transportation of heavy haul and over-sized loads requires specialized skills and equipment. DAK Shipping & Transport has access to the most experienced drivers and the best equipment for Heavy Haul loads in North America.  We have the knowledge and background to provide the right support, permitting, and logistics that will ensure your special load is delivered as expediently and safely as possible.  From escort vehicles and local laws, to proper weight height and length measurements, we are here to handle all of the details that can concern your shipment.

Military Equipment and Vehicle Transport

DAK Shipping & Transport is well versed in the special circumstances that are inherent in the transportation of Military Equipment and Vehicles.  Top notch safety, adherence to strict deadlines, and reliable personnel are the cornerstones of our business model and are especially important when transporting military loads.

Power Only

Drive in, hook up, and leave!  Power only loads offer a quick and easy transportation option for the right customers.  One way or round trip, any type of regular equipment including flatbeds, cargo containers, refrigerated, or dry loads can be accommodated by our network as well as oversized loads and special trucks.  Any type of trailer, any type of hitch, small loads and large, we can provide the equipment you need for long distance or local routes and the operators who specialize in them.

Open and Enclosed Auto Transport

When it comes to transportation of your car, truck, or S.U.V, only the highest quality is acceptable.  With a large selection of D.O.T certified drivers to choose from, DAK Shipping & Transport has the ability to match up the best equipment and most qualified personnel to ensure your vehicle is treated with the care it deserves.  Every vehicle will have a detailed inspection at pick up and drop off and we will treat your equipment as if they were our own.  We also excel at providing the best possible care for your cherished exotic and antique cars with a wide variety of enclosed trailers at our disposal.

Trade Show Trucking

The trade show industry is booming!  There are over 13,000 trade shows held in the United States and Canada annually and each of these shows is filled with materials and equipment that have to be transported in.  With a limited time frame and strict deadlines, punctuality is especially important in the delivery process.  Don’t second guess, and don’t rely on sub-standard transportation services. DAK Shipping & Transport has the resources and the patience to see you through even the most urgent loads!

RV and Boat

DAK Shipping & Transport is located in sunny Southwest Florida and as longtime Florida residents we have a special appreciation for the care and respect a boat or RV deserves.  These vehicles are our weekends and our vacations and are an important part of our lives.  As such, it is our goal to make sure that the transport of anything so important is handled with the highest standards of safety and the most efficient methods of haulage.  Proper equipment, clean and experienced operators, and attention to detail set us apart from the competition and our personal investment in our service guarantees we will care for your precious cargo like it is our own.


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